About us

Welcome to Kogakusha !

We are located in Shibuya, which is the heart of Tokyo and the center for cultural activities.
We have 2 business fields.
One is the education for the students and the other is the integration of the solution.
This unique mixture of people, from different generations and background,
has created an ideal office and school atmosphere for interesting communications and innovative ideas.


We help student not only to develop their skills of subjects but also their skills of communication to their self discipline and autonomy.

Mission statement
“Self discipline and Autonomy”
6yrs – 20yrs
( Children from overseas and troubled to go to school are welcome)
Japanese,English,French, and all the subjects that we learn at school.
Monday – Saturday ; 9:00 – 20:00
1 Lesson / Observation FREE (Reservation required)
Emphasize in Japanese education as a mother tongue.
(It is the basis for all other subjects and to know how to think.)
Counseling is a key to our education.
(To make programs developed according to each personality and education levels.)
Personal guidance.
(Students are taught individually)

Improve communication skills from activities and training.
(Our aim is not necessarily only for better grades at school.)

ITC services

We will be able to assist you from simple personal web site to business management system,according to your needs and budget.

Mission statement
“Solution for you by yourself.”
Tell us about your problem and what you desire.We will be able to find the best solution and partner for you.
Website design and developpement.
Development solution.
We will be your best partner in Japan.
If, you desire integrate your solution by yourself or change your application etc.
We will be also your best partner specifically if you use FileMakerPro.
FileMakerPro,PowerBuilder,Oracle,SQLServer,MsAccess, .NET,PHP,Java etc..
+ We are Member of FileMaker Solution Alliance in Japan. +

Contact to Kogakusha.ltd

1-7-5-503 Shibuya Shibuya-ku
 TOKYO 150-0002 JAPAN

e-mail: info@kogakusha.co.jp

tel: ( 81)-33498-7758

fax: ( 81)-33498-7875